Fruit, Vegetables & Herbs

Stock list updated 06-01-22

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DescriptionPriceStock Qty
Apple (Malus) Bountiful Cordon M9 12L44.993
Apple (Malus) Egremont Russett Patio M27 11.5L42.991
Apple (Malus) Hidden Rose Patio M27 11.5L47.992
Apple (Malus) James Grieve Half-Standard MM106 12L39.991
Apple (Malus) Scotch Dumpling Bush MM106 12L39.992
Basil - Neapolitan 8.5cm1.6930
Basil Sweet 8.5cm1.695
Blackberry (Rubus) Loch Ness Bush 3L12.991
Blackberry (Rubus) Navaho Bush 3L12.997
Blackcurrant (Ribes) Ben Connan Bush 3L12.996
Blackcurrant (Ribes) Ben More Bush 3L12.998
Blackcurrant (Ribes) Ben Sarek Bush 3L12.995
Blackcurrant (Ribes) Black n Red Premiere Bush 3L12.996
Blueberry (Vaccinium) Bluecrop Bush 3L17.9917
Blueberry (Vaccinium) Liberty Bush 3L17.996
Blueberry (Vaccinium) Patriot Bush 3L16.992
Blueberry (Vaccinium) Pink Lemonade Bush 3L17.997
Blueberry (Vaccinium) Sunshine Blue Bush 3L17.996
Catmint Mussinii 8.5cm1.692
Cherry (Prunus) Athos (Own Root) Patio 11.5L44.993
Cherry Lapins Cherokee 12L Bush Colt Rootstock45.992
Chives - Garlic 8.5cm1.697
Chives 8.5cm Pot1.6922
Coriander 8.5cm Pot1.6916
Curry Plant 1 Litre3.9915
Curry Plant 8.5cm1.693
Damson (Prunus) Farleigh Bush St. Julien A 12L42.991
Dill 8.5cm Pot1.692
Fennel Bronze 8.5cm Pot1.6919
Ficus carica Firoma (Fig) 5L24.994
Gooseberry (Ribes) Captivator (Red) Bush 3L12.999
Gooseberry (Ribes) Hinnomaki Yellow Bush 3L12.995
Gooseberry (Ribes) Invicta Bush 3L12.9913
Helichrysum angustifolium 1L (Curry Plant)3.9979
Helichrysum italicum 1L (Curry Plant)3.9914
Helichrysum italicum 2L (Curry Plant)6.9922
Italian Herbs 1L3.4927
Kitchen Laurel (Bay Plant) 10.5cm5.992
Laurus nobilis (Bay Tree) 3L 60-80cm12.993
Laurus Nobilis Ball Bay Tree 1/2 Standard 6L44.996
Laurus Nobilis Ball Bay Tree 1/2 Stem 30/3549.991
Laurus Nobilis Ball Bay Tree 1/2 Stem 40/4569.991
Lemon Balm 8cm1.691
Lemon Tree (Citrus Limon) 4 Litre39.995
Lovage 8.5cm Pot1.693
Marjoram Pot 8.5cm1.6919
Marjoram Sweet 8.5cm Pot1.699
Mint - Apple 8.5cm Pot1.6975
Mint - Garden 8.5cm1.6920
Mint Peppermint 1 Litre3.991
Mint Peppermint 8.5cm1.6921
Mirabelle (Prunus) Countess Bush St. Julien A 12L42.991
Mirabelle (Prunus) Gypsy Bush St. Julien A 12L42.991
Miracot (Prunus) Aprimira Bush Wavit 12L47.992
Oregano Greek 8.5cm1.691
Parsley Bravor - 6 Cell2.292
Parsley Curled 8.5cm Pot1.692
Parsley French 8.5cm1.6931
Parsley Giant Italian Flat Leaf 1 Litre3.991
Peach (Prunus) Avalon Pride Bush St Julian A 7L45.992
Pear (Pyrus) Concorde/Confer ence/Comice Bush Quince A63.994
Pear (Pyrus) Conference Moors Giant Quince A 12L47.992
Plum (Prunus) Guinevere Bush St. Julien A 12L42.992
Plum (Prunus) Herman Bush St. Julien A 12L42.991
Plum (Prunus) Marjorie's See dling Bush St. Julien A 12L42.991
Plum (Prunus) Yellow Per- shore Bush St. Julien A 12L42.991
Raspberry - Summer Lovers 9cm Deep Pot3.992
Raspberry (Rubus) Autumn Bliss Root Wrapped Pack of 512.991
Redcurrant (Ribes) Red Lake Bush 3L12.995
Rhubarb (Rheum) Victoria 3L9.9910
Rosemary 1L3.493
Rosemary 2L4.9942
Rosemary 3L7.9913
Rosemary 8.5cm1.699
Rosemary Miss Jessop 8.5cm1.6923
Rosemary Seven Seas 8.5cm1.691
Sage 8.5cm1.696
Tarragon - French 8.5cm1.691
Tayberry (Rubus) Buckingham Bush 3L12.993
Thyme Citriodorus 1L3.496
Thyme Common 8.5cm1.694
Thyme Fastino 2L3.496
Vine (Vitis) Regent Outdoor 3L17.996
Vine (Vitis) Strawberry Outdoor 3L17.996
Vine (Vitis) Suffolfk Red Outdoor 3L17.996
Vitis Himrod 17cm pot11.998
Vitis Supaga 17cm pot11.992
Vitis Zilga 17cm pot11.997
Walnut (Juglans) Apollo 7L51.992
Whitecurrant (Ribes) White Versailles Bush 3L12.995