Stock list updated 14-10-21

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DescriptionPriceStock Qty
14" Autumn/Winter Hanging Basket19.994
6 or 12 Pack Summer Bedding Plants 3.49 or 4 for 12.003.49235
Begonia Majestic Mix 2L4.9923
Begonia Majestic Sunburst 2L4.9917
Begonia Majestic White Pink Picotee 2L4.9913
Bellis Bam Bam Red 4 Pack4.9985
Bellis Bellissima Mix 4 Pack4.9979
Erica (Heather) 9cm Pot 6 Pack12.9912
Erica Calluna (Heather) Garden Girls 10.5cm3.9947
Erica Calluna (Heather) Two Colours 9cm2.9935
Erica x darleyensis Darley Dale 2L7.999
Erica x darleyensis J. W. Porter 2L7.9910
Erica x darleyensis Kramer's Rote 2L7.9910
Erica x darleyensis Rubina 2L7.998
Erica x darleyensis Rubina 5L12.995
Erica x darleyensis White Perfection 2L7.9910
Fuchsia Upright Delta's Sarah 2L Hardy4.991
Fuchsia Upright Dollar Princess 2L Hardy4.997
Fuchsia Upright Garden News 2L Hardy4.991
Fuchsia Upright Genii 2L Hardy4.9939
Fuchsia Upright Hawkshead 2L Hardy4.9945
Fuchsia Upright Snowcap 2L Hardy4.9911
Fuchsia Upright Tom Thumb 2L Hardy4.9917
Fuchsia Upright Tom West 2L Hardy4.997
Hedera Helix Gold (Ivy) 10.5cm1.4965
Hedera Helix Green 10.5cm1.4958
Hedera Helix Silver (Ivy) 10.5cm1.4959
Hedera Helix Trio 1L3.996
Impatiens Clockwork Appleblossom 1L2.9937
Impatiens Clockwork Lilac Bicolour 1L2.9973
Impatiens Clockwork Orange Bicolour 1L2.9952
Impatiens Clockwork Purple 1L2.9944
Pansy 'Cool Wave Mix' 10.5cm0.7568
Pansy Matrix Clear Mix 6 Pack3.49120
Pansy 'Matrix Mix Autumn Select ' 6 Pack3.49120
Pansy Matrix Mix Blotch 6 Pack3.4980
Pansy Matrix Mix Brittania 6 Pack3.4980
Pansy 'Matrix Mix Coastal Sunrise' 6 Pack3.49212
Pansy 'Matrix Mix Northern Lights' 6 Pack3.4916
Pansy 'Matrix Mix Ocean Breeze' 6 Pack3.4921
Pansy 'Matrix Mix Pastel' 6 Pack3.4911
Pansy 'Matrix Mix Raspberry Sundae' 6 Pack3.4980
Pansy Panola Citrus Mix 6 Pack3.49120
Polyanthus Crescendo Mix 4 Pack4.99112
Rudbeckia Sunbeckia Sophia 3L5.995
Viola Sorbet Delft Blue 6 Pack3.4950
Viola Sorbet Harvest Mix 6 Pack3.4964
Viola Sorbet Lemon Ice Blotch 6 Pack3.4949
Viola Sorbet Morpho 6 Pack3.4950
Viola Sorbet Raspberry 6 Pack3.4956
Viola Sorbet Yellow Blotch 6 Pack3.4947
Viola Sorbet Yesterday Today and Tomorrow 6 Pack3.4958
Wallflowers Sugar Rush Mix 2L2.9971
Wallflowers Sugar Rush Orange 2L2.9964
Wallflowers Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour 2L2.9962
Wallflowers Sugar Rush Red 2L2.9951
Wallflowers Sugar Rush Yellow 2L2.9964
Wallflowers Sunset Citrus Mix 2L2.9911
Wallflowers Sunset Tutti Frutti Mix 2L2.9945