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Stock list updated 13-05-22.

Please call us to check stock levels if you are visiting for a particular item, as these lists are not live updated, and some items may not yet be ready for sale. Thank you.
DescriptionPriceStock Qty
10.5cm Summer Bedding Plants 2.99 or 4 for 10.002.995029
14 Inch Luxury Summer Hanging Basket39.99140
16 Inch Luxury Summer Hanging Basket44.9990
9cm Summer Bedding Plants 2.49 or 5 for 10.002.491775
Antirrhinum Appeal Mixed Select 6 Pack3.49107
Antirrhinum Appeal Sunset 6 Pack3.4943
Antirrhinum Sonnet Crimson 6 Pack3.4960
Antirrhinum Sonnet Mix 6 Pack3.4948
Begonia Devil Mix 6 Pack3.4940
Begonia Devil's Delight Mix 6 Pack3.4940
Begonia Heaven Mix 6 Pack3.4940
Begonia Majestic White Pink Picotee 2L4.991
Begonia tuberhybrida Mix 1L3.991
Calendula Fiesta Orange 4 Pack4.9958
Celosia Kimono Mix 6 Pack3.4937
Cineraria maritima Cirrus 6 Pack3.4934
Cineraria maritima Silverdust 6 Pack3.4935
Coleus Sunfighter Campfire 2L3.9980
Coleus Sunfighter Trusty Rusty 2L3.9984
Coleus Wizard Merlin Mix 4 Pack4.9953
Cosmos Apollo Lovesong 1L2.9993
Dahlia Dahlietta Emily 4 Pack4.9931
Dahlia Dahlietta Patty 4 Pack4.9931
Dahlia Dahlietta Surprise Becky 4 Pack4.9931
Dahlia Dahlietta Surprise Candy 4 Pack4.9930
Dahlia Dahlietta Surprise Demi 4 Pack4.9931
Dahlia Dahlietta Surprise Elsa 4 Pack4.9931
Dahlia Dahlietta Surprise Louise 4 Pack4.9931
Dahlia Dahlietta Surprise Paula 4 Pack4.9930
Dahlia Dalaya Jadoo 3L4.9966
Dahlia Dalaya Yogi 3L4.9966
Dahlia Dalina Maxi Cancun 3L4.9984
Dahlia Gardenetta Fireball 3L4.9984
Dianthus Corona Blueberry Magic 6 Pack3.4944
Dianthus Corona Mix 6 Pack3.4953
Erica x darleyensis Kramer's Rote 2L7.991
Fuchsia Upright Baby Blue Eyes 2L Hardy4.9935
Fuchsia Upright Delta's Sarah 2L Hardy4.9936
Fuchsia Upright Dollar Princess 2L Hardy4.991
Fuchsia Upright Garden News 2L Hardy4.9937
Fuchsia Upright Genii 2L Hardy4.99109
Fuchsia Upright Hawkshead 2L Hardy4.9931
Fuchsia Upright Snowcap 2L Hardy4.9944
Fuchsia Upright Tom Thumb 2L Hardy4.9951
Gazania Daybreak Mix 4 Pack4.9954
Gazania Daybreak Strawberry Sundae 4 Pack4.9957
Geranium Horizon Appleblossom 4 Pack4.997
Geranium Horizon Deep Salmon 4 Pack4.9916
Geranium Horizon Pink 4 Pack4.9922
Geranium Horizon Red 4 Pack4.9935
Geranium Horizon Select Mix 4 Pack4.9944
Geranium Horizon Shadow Deep Orange 4 Pack4.9941
Geranium Horizon Shadow Mix 4 Pack4.9942
Geranium Horizon Shadow Red 4 Pack4.9936
Geranium Horizon Shadow Rose 4 Pack4.9956
Geranium Horizon Shadow Violet 4 Pack4.9955
Geranium Horizon Violet 4 Pack4.998
Geranium Horizon White 4 Pack4.998
Geranium Palladium Candyfloss Mix 4 Pack4.9946
Geranium Palladium Mix 4 Pack4.9950
Hedera Helix Gold (Ivy) 10.5cm1.49105
Hedera Helix Green 10.5cm1.49129
Hedera Helix Silver (Ivy) 10.5cm1.49128
Hyacinth Basket7.9923
Impatiens Beacon Berrie Smoothie Mix 6 Pack3.49236
Impatiens Beacon Peaches & Cream Mix 6 Pack3.49240
Impatiens Beacon Salsa Mix 6 Pack3.49238
Impatiens Beacon Select Mix 6 Pack3.49178
Impatiens Beacon Straw berries & Cream Mix 6 Pack3.49235
Lobelia Cambridge Blue (Upright) 6 Pack3.4940
Lobelia Crystal Palace (Upright) 6 Pack3.49116
Lobelia Fountain Blue (Trailing) 6 Pack3.49160
Lobelia Mrs Clibran (Upright) 6 Pack3.4954
Lobelia Regatta Midnight Blue (Trailing) 6 Pack3.4967
Lobelia Regatta Mix (Trailing) 6 Pack3.49212
Lobelia Regatta White (Trailing) 6 Pack3.4947
Lobelia Rosamond (Upright) 6 Pack3.4948
Lobelia String Of Pearls (Upright) 6 Pack3.4950
Lobelia Trailing Sapphire 6 Pack3.49157
Lobelia White Lady (Upright) 6 Pack3.4951
Marigold Bonanza Harmony 6 Pack3.4959
Marigold Bonanza Mix 6 Pack3.4959
Marigold Bonanza Yellow 6 Pack3.49116
Marigold Durango Tangerine 6 Pack3.4958
Marigold Fireball 6 Pack3.4960
Marigold Marvel II Orange 6 Pack3.4958
Marigold Strawberry Blonde 6 Pack3.4960
Mimulus Magic Blotch Mix 6 Pack3.4919
Mimulus Magic Mix 6 Pack3.4940
MixMaster A Grape Fit! 1L4.996
Nicotiana Cuba Mix 6 Pack3.4955
Osteospurmum Akila Mix Berries and Cream 2L3.9942
Osteospurmum Akila Mix Berries and Cream 4 Pack4.9925
Osteospurmum Akila Mix Grand Canyon 2L3.9942
Osteospurmum Akila Mix Grand Canyon 4 Pack4.9925
Osteospurmum Akila Sunset Shades 2L3.9942
Osteospurmum Akila Sunset Shades 4 Pack4.9925
Osteospurmum Akila White Purple Eye 2L3.9942
Osteospurmum Akila White Purple Eye 4 Pack4.9924
Osteospurmum Astra Lavender 2L3.9926
Osteospurmum Astra Lavender 4 Pack4.9925
Osteospurmum Astra Orange Brique 2L3.9926
Osteospurmum Astra Orange Brique 4 Pack4.9923
Osteospurmum Astra White Pink Blush 2L3.9926
Osteospurmum Astra White Pink Blush 4 Pack4.9925
Osteospurmum Serenity Blue Eyed Beauty 2L3.9984
Osteospurmum Serenity Bronze 2L3.9984
Pansy Matrix Clear Spring Mix 6 Pack3.4943
Pansy Matrix Mix Blotch 6 Pack3.4927
Pansy 'Matrix Mix Ocean Breeze' 6 Pack3.4923
Pansy Matrix Pink Shades 6 Pack3.4922
Pansy Matrix Spring Select Mix 6 Pack3.4926
Pansy Matrix Yellow Blotch 6 Pack3.4931
Pelargonium Aristo Schoko 1L3.4996
Pelargonium Elegance Royalty White 1L3.4996
Pelargonium Regalia Pink 1L3.4996
Petunia Frenzy Candyfloss Mix 6 Pack3.4949
Petunia Frenzy Grand Rapids Mix 6 Pack3.4951
Petunia Frenzy Patriotic Mix 6 Pack3.4947
Petunia Frenzy Reflections Mix 6 Pack3.49109
Petunia Frenzy Select Mix 6 Pack3.49107
Petunia Frenzy Star Mix 6 Pack3.49103
Phlox Popstars Mix 4 Pack4.9960
Pink Flower Bowl12.991
Polyanthus Crescendo Mix 4 Pack4.992
Portulaca Happy Hour Mix 4 Pack4.9959
Salvia Victoria Blue 6 Pack3.4928
Salvia Vista Mix 6 Pack3.4998
Stocks Vintage Mix 6 Pack3.4936
Sunflower Sunsation Yellow 1L2.9988
Sweet Pea Karen Louise Lavender 11cm2.299
Sweet Pea Mary Cynthia Cream Flushed Salmon 11cm2.2914
Sweet Pea Mixed 11cm2.2913
Sweet Pea Noel Sutton Deep Blue 11cm2.2914
Sweet Pea Red Ace Scarlet 11cm2.2916
Sweet Pea White Supreme 11cm2.296
Tulip Planter4.9929
Viola Sorbet Lemon Ice Blotch 6 Pack3.499
Viola Sorbet Neptune 6 Pack3.491
Viola Sorbet Raspberry Sundae Mix 6 Pack3.493
Zinnia Zahara Double Bright Orange 4 Pack4.9926
Zinnia Zahara Double Cherry 4 Pack4.9926
Zinnia Zahara Double Mix 4 Pack4.9926
Zinnia Zahara Double Raspberry Ripple 4 Pack4.9926
Zinnia Zahara Mix 4 Pack4.9926