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Stock list updated 21-03-24.

Please call us to check stock levels if you are visiting for a particular item, as these lists are not live updated, and some items may not yet be ready for sale. Thank you.
DescriptionPriceStock Qty
10.5cm Summer Bedding Plants 3.49 or 3 for 9.003.49436
4 or 6 Pack Summer Bedding Plants 6.99 or 3 for 20.006.99520
6 or 12 Pack Summer Bedding Plants 3.99 or 3 for 10.003.99950
9cm Summer Bedding Plants 2.49 or 4 for 9.002.4984
Erica Calluna (Heather) Three Colours 11cm4.9924
Fuchsia Upright Genii 2L Hardy5.9940
Fuchsia Upright Hawkshead 2L Hardy5.9940
Heathers 1L Square Pot5.9999
Heathers 9cm 4 Pack12.995
Heathers 9cm Square Pot2.99122
Hedera Helix Gold (Ivy) 10.5cm1.4945
Hedera Helix Green (Ivy) 10.5cm1.4973
Hedera Helix Silver (Ivy) 10.5cm1.4966
Pelargonium Elegance Jeanette 1L3.99100
Pelargonium Elegance Rosanna 1L3.99100
Pelargonium Regalia Lilac 1L3.99100
Sweet Pea Dwarf Patio Cupid Mixed 11cm2.4924
Sweet Pea Karen Louise Lavender 11cm2.4912
Sweet Pea Mixed 11cm2.4924
Sweet Pea Noel Sutton Deep Blue 11cm2.4912
Sweet Pea Red Ace Scarlet 11cm2.4912