Stock list updated 15-07-22.

Special Offer!!! All pack and small pot bedding now £1 each!

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DescriptionPriceStock Qty
10.5cm Summer Bedding Plants 2.99 or 4 for 10.002.991771
14 Inch Luxury Summer Hanging Basket39.995
16 Inch Luxury Summer Hanging Basket44.991
9cm Summer Bedding Plants 2.49 or 5 for 10.002.49436
Coleus Sunfighter Campfire 2L3.9950
Coleus Sunfighter Trusty Rusty 2L3.9941
Dahlia Dalaya Jadoo 3L4.9942
Dahlia Dalaya Yogi 3L4.9935
Dahlia Dalina Maxi Cancun 3L4.9965
Dahlia Gardenetta Fireball 3L4.9959
Double Impatiens Glimmer 1L2.998
Four/Six Pack Summer Bedding Plants11209
Fuchsia Upright Baby Blue Eyes 2L Hardy4.9925
Fuchsia Upright Delta's Sarah 2L Hardy4.9921
Fuchsia Upright Garden News 2L Hardy4.9918
Fuchsia Upright Genii 2L Hardy4.9996
Fuchsia Upright Hawkshead 2L Hardy4.9931
Fuchsia Upright Snowcap 2L Hardy4.9920
Fuchsia Upright Tom Thumb 2L Hardy4.9935
Fuchsia Upright Whiteknights Pearl 2L6.998
Mixed Herb Rattan Effect Hanging Basket24.999
Osteospurmum Akila Mix Berries and Cream 2L3.9920
Osteospurmum Akila Mix Grand Canyon 2L3.9942
Osteospurmum Akila Sunset Shades 2L3.9935
Osteospurmum Akila White Purple Eye 2L3.9933
Osteospurmum Astra Lavender 2L3.9912
Osteospurmum Astra Orange Brique 2L3.997
Osteospurmum Astra White Pink Blush 2L3.9913
Osteospurmum Serenity Blue Eyed Beauty 2L3.9930
Osteospurmum Serenity Bronze 2L3.9969
Pelargonium Aristo Schoko 1L3.4971
Pelargonium Elegance Royalty White 1L3.4936
Pelargonium Regalia Pink 1L3.4949
Summer Planted Rattan Effect Hanging Basket29.9949
Summer Planted Rattan Effect Hanging Cone29.9947
Sunflower Sunsation Yellow 1L2.9929