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Stock list updated 17-06-21

Please call us to check stock levels if you are visiting for a particular item, as these lists are not live updated and stock is currently selling very fast, and some items may not yet be ready for sale. Thank you.
DescriptionPriceStock Qty
10.5cm Summer Bedding Plants 2.992.992888
14 Inch Luxury Summer Hanging Basket39.9976
16 Inch Luxury Summer Hanging Basket44.9913
4 Pack Summer Bedding Plants 4.994.99531
6 or 12 Pack Summer Bedding Plants 3.49 or 4 for 12.003.492062
9cm Summer Bedding Plants 2.49 or 5 for 10.002.493246
Argyranthemum Madeira Crested White 1L3.495
Bacopa Abunda Colossal 10.5cm2.994
Begonia California Sunlight 1L3.994
Begonia Majestic Mix 2L4.9982
Begonia Majestic Sunburst 2L4.9984
Begonia Majestic White Pink Picotee 2L4.9984
Begonia tuberhybrida Mix 1L3.996
Begonia Waterfall 13cm4.998
Bidens Mix 10.5cm2.9912
Brachicome Mauve Delight 10.5cm2.993
Calibrachoa Mixed Trio 1L3.49430
Campanula Mixed 10.5cm4.9914
Coleus Campfire 2L3.9927
Coleus Henna 2L3.9945
Coleus Redhead 2L3.9930
Cosmos Apollo Mix 1L3.4944
Cosmos Sonata Pink Blush 1L3.4950
Cosmos Sonata White 1L3.4930
Dahlia Dalina Maxi Castilo 3L5.9966
Dahlia Dalina Maxi Salinas 3L5.9966
Dahlia Dalina Maxi Tampico 3L5.9966
Dahlia Dalina Maxi Topia 3L5.9966
Dahlia Gardenetta Fireball 3L4.9910
Dahlia Gardenetta Raspberry 3L4.9966
Dianthus caryophyllus 9cm2.99113
Erica Darleyensis 10.5cm2.998
Erica x darleyensis Ghost Hills 2L7.991
Euryops pectinatus Silver Star 10.5cm2.9911
Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis)1.991
Fuchsia Upright Delta's Sarah 2L Hardy4.9916
Fuchsia Upright Dollar Princess 2L Hardy4.9918
Fuchsia Upright Garden News 2L Hardy4.9914
Fuchsia Upright Genii 2L Hardy4.9956
Fuchsia Upright Hawkshead 2L Hardy4.9959
Fuchsia Upright Snowcap 2L Hardy4.9931
Fuchsia Upright Tom Thumb 2L Hardy4.9930
Fuchsia Upright Tom West 2L Hardy4.9933
Hyacinth orientalis Mix 7cm1.492
Impatiens Clockwork Appleblossom 1L2.9984
Impatiens Clockwork Lilac Bicolour 1L2.9984
Impatiens Clockwork Orange Bicolour 1L2.9984
Impatiens Clockwork Purple 1L2.9984
Mixed 10.5cm Summer Bedding2.9978
Mixed Calibrachoa 10.5cm2.995
MixMaster A Grape Fit! 1L4.9973
MixMaster Do You Lilac It 1L4.9968
Muscari Blue 9cm1.998
Muscari White Magic 9cm1.991
Narcissus 9cm1.991
Narcissus Carlton 9cm2.492
Narcissus Tete A Tete 12cm3.992
Narcissus Tete A Tete 9cm1.9914
Osteospermum Mixed 10.5cm2.9912
Osteospurmum Akila Mix Berries and Cream 2L5.9938
Osteospurmum Akila Mix Grand Canyon 2L5.9943
Osteospurmum Akila Purple 2L5.9950
Osteospurmum Akila Sunset Shades 2L5.9945
Osteospurmum Akila White Purple Eye 2L5.9954
Pelargonium Aristo Schoko 1L3.4972
Pelargonium Elegance Jeanette 1L3.4980
Pelargonium Elegance Tony 1L3.4970
Pelargonium Mixed 12cm4.9928
Pelargonium Regalia Lilac 1L3.4969
Polyanthus Crescendo Mix 10.5cm0.8532
Primrose Strawberry Splash 10.5cm0.8543
Primula Bonneli Mixed Colour 10.5cm0.85262
Rudbeckia Sunbeckia Sophia 3L5.9938
Scaevola Blue 10.5cm2.9928
Summer Planted Rattan Effect Hanging Basket29.9924
Summer Planted Rattan Effect Hanging Cone29.9934
Sweet Pea Dwarf Patio Cupid Mixed 11cm1.9939
Sweet Pea Karen Louise Lavender 11cm1.9911
Sweet Pea Mary Cynthia Cream Flushed Salmon 11cm1.994
Sweet Pea Mixed 11cm1.997
Sweet Pea Noel Sutton Deep Blue 11cm1.995
Sweet Pea Red Ace Scarlet 11cm1.995
Sweet Pea White Supreme 11cm1.9916
Thunbergia (Black-Eyed Susan) Orange Plant Pack6.993
Thunbergia (Black-Eyed Susan) Red Plant Pack6.991
Verbena Venturi Mix Pitstop 1L4.9975
Viola Sorbet Totally Brilliant 1L3.4911
Viola Sorbet Totally Scrumptious 1L3.4989
Viola Sorbet Totally Wonderful 1L3.4954