Clematis & Climbers

Our homegrown Clematis are famous for their vigour and quality, come and see why!

Stock list updated 28-10-21

Please call us to check stock levels if you are visiting for a particular item, as these lists are not live updated and stock is currently selling very fast. Thank you.
DescriptionPriceStock Qty
Actinidia Arguta Issai 17cm pot14.9915
Actinidia Kolomikta 2L16.9916
Akebia Quinata 2L13.998
Clematis Alpina Albina Plena 17cm pot12.992
Clematis Alpina Dr. Ruppel 17cm pot12.991
Clematis alpina Helsingborg 2L12.991
Clematis Alpina Ruby 17cm pot12.993
Clematis Armandii Mix 2L19.9927
Clematis Avalanche 2L17.991
Clematis Blue Angel 2L13.998
Clematis Boulevard Mix14.9912
Clematis cartmanii Pixie 2L17.993
Clematis cirrhosa Balearica 2L12.991
Clematis cirrhosa Freckles 2L13.995
Clematis cirrhosa Landsdowne Gem 2L12.991
Clematis cirrhosa Wisley Cream 2L13.996
Clematis Early Sensation 2 L17.992
Clematis Ernest Markham 2L12.997
Clematis Fleuri 3L Evipo04212.991
Clematis florida Taiga 2L12.991
Clematis Fond Memories 2L9.993
Clematis Forever Friends 2L13.997
Clematis H. F. Young 2L9.996
Clematis Hagley Hybrid 17cm pot12.993
Clematis Jackmanii 17cm pot12.995
Clematis jackmanii Purpurea 2L12.991
Clematis Konigskind 17cm pot12.992
Clematis macropetala Maidwell Hall 2L13.998
Clematis macropetala Markham's Pink 2L13.997
Clematis Madame Le Coultre 17cm pot12.994
Clematis Margaret Hunt 2L9.991
Clematis Michiko Evipo0443L12.991
Clematis Miss Bateman 17cm pot12.991
Clematis montana 'Broughton Star' 3L12.9934
Clematis Montana Lilacina 2L9.9912
Clematis montana Marjorie 3L12.9922
Clematis montana Odorata 3L12.9921
Clematis montana Rubens 3L12.999
Clematis montana Van Gogh 2L13.996
Clematis montana Warwickshire Rose 3L12.999
Clematis Mrs Cholmondeley 2L9.991
Clematis Mrs. N. Thompson 17cm pot12.998
Clematis Multi Blue 17cm pot12.991
Clematis Multi Blue 2L12.991
Clematis Niobe 17cm pot12.992
Clematis Octopus 2L12.991
Clematis Ooh La La Evipo041 3L12.991
Clematis Pernille 17cm pot12.9912
Clematis Pink Fantasy 17cm pot12.995
Clematis Polish Spirit 2L9.991
Clematis Prince William 17cm pot12.994
Clematis Princess Kate 17cm pot13.991
Clematis Rhapsody 17cm pot12.993
Clematis Romantika 17cm pot12.994
Clematis Rosalyn 2L13.998
Clematis Snow Queen 17cm pot12.991
Clematis So Many Blue Flowers 17cm pot12.991
Clematis So Many Lavender Flowers 17cm pot12.997
Clematis So Many White Flowers 17cm pot12.992
Clematis Spiky 2L12.995
Clematis Star of India 17cm Pot13.997
Clematis Star of India 2L9.998
Clematis Sylvia Denny Flowers 17cm pot12.993
CLEMATIS tangutica 'ANITA' 2 ltr dp 4' cane11.991
Clematis tangutica Helios 3L12.992
Clematis The President Flowers 17cm pot12.992
Clematis Vitalba Flowers 17cm pot12.994
Clematis viticella Madame Julia Correvon 2L13.997
Clematis viticella purpurea Plena Elegans 2L13.998
Clematis viticella Queen Mother 2L13.998
Clematis Wanda's Primrose Flowers 17cm pot12.994
Clematis Warszawska Nike Flowers 17cm pot12.996
Clematis Westerplatte 2L13.998
Fallopia Aubertii Flowers 17cm pot10.998
Fallopia baldschuanica 2l Russian Vine7.992
Hedera Gloire De Marengo 17cm pot9.994
Hedera Helix Goldheart 3L8.991
Hydrangea anom Petiolaris 3L8.9920
Jasminum nudiflorum 3L6.991
Jasminum nudiflorum Winter Flowering 2L9.991
Lonicera brownii Dropmore Scarlet 2L9.991
Lonicera brownii Dropmore Scarlet 2L Pot9.991
Lonicera Halliana 3L9.9910
Lonicera heckrottii Goldflame 2L12.998
Lonicera Henryi Flowers 17cm pot10.996
Lonicera japonica Halliana 2L6.991
Lonicera Japonica Hall's Prolific 17cm pot10.991
Lonicera japonica Red World 2L9.9914
Lonicera japonica Red World 2L Pot9.991
Lonicera Mandarin 17cm pot10.994
Lonicera Nitida Elegant 13cm pot5.998
Lonicera Nitida Gardens Clouds Copper Glow 17cm pot10.998
Lonicera Nitida Maigrun 13cm pot5.992
Lonicera periclymenum Graham Thomas 2L6.994
Lonicera periclymenum Serotina 3L9.999
Parthenocissus Quinquefolia 5L12.9912
Parthenocissus quinquefolia Engalmanii 2L9.999
Passiflora Betty Miles Young 17cm pot11.991
Potentilla Citrus Tart 21cm pot14.991
Potentilla Creme Brulee 21cm pot14.993
Potentilla Lemon Meringue 21cm pot17.993
Rhyncospermum Jasminoides (Star Jasmine) 9L 240cm47.995
Rhyncospermum jasminoides 5L24.998
Rhyncospermum Jasminoides Star Jasmine 2L 90cm16.992
Solanum Crispum Glasnevin Chilean Potato Tree 2L9.9977
Trachelospermum asiaticum Pink Air 2L16.997
Trachelospermum jasminoides 2L12.9921
Trachelospermum Star of Toscane 2L16.996