Clematis & Climbers

Our homegrown Clematis are famous for their vigour and quality, come and see why!

Stock list updated 21-02-21

Please call us to check stock levels if you are visiting for a particular item, as these lists are not live updated. Thank you.
DescriptionPriceStock Qty
Clematis armandii Apple Blossom 2L19.993
Clematis armandii 2L19.993
Clematis armandii 'Hendersonii Rubra' 2L19.992
Clematis Baltic 2L9.995
Clematis Boulevard Bernadine 3L12.9915
Clematis Boulevard Ninon 3L12.9915
Clematis Boulevard Nubia 3L12.9915
Clematis Boulevard Olympia 3L12.9915
Clematis Boulevard Pompeii 3L12.9915
Clematis Boulevard Poseidon 3L12.9915
Clematis Boulevard Samaritan Joe 3L12.9915
Clematis cartmanii Pixie 2L14.991
Clematis Comtesse de Bouchard 2L9.996
Clematis Dr Ruppel 2L9.995
Clematis Etoile Violette 2L9.996
Clematis Fleuri 3L Evipo04212.993
Clematis Garland Hisako 3L12.9915
Clematis Garland Masa 3L12.9915
Clematis Garland Tsukiko 3L12.9915
Clematis John Paul II 2L9.995
Clematis Kathleen Dunford 2L9.997
Clematis Margaret Hunt 2L9.997
Clematis Michiko Evipo0443L12.991
Clematis Mrs Cholmondeley 2L9.991
Clematis Multi Blue 2L9.994
Clematis Ooh La La Evipo041 3L12.993
Clematis Piilu 2L9.993
Clematis Piilu 3L Pot12.991
Clematis Polish Spirit 2L9.994
Clematis Rebecca Evipo016 3L12.991
Clematis Rouge Cardinal 2L9.991
Clematis Star of India 2L9.9910
CLEMATIS tangutica 'ANITA' 2 ltr dp 4' cane11.991
Clematis Ville de Lyon 2L9.9913
Clematis viticella 2L9.995
Fallopia baldschuanica 2l Russian Vine7.994
Hedera Helix Goldheart 3L8.994
Hydrangea peteolaris Flying Saucer 2L11.992
Jasminum nudiflorum 3L6.991
Lonicera brownii Dropmore Scarlet 2L Pot9.991
Lonicera japonica Halliana 2L6.991
Lonicera japonica Red World 2L Pot9.991
Lonicera periclymenum Graham Thomas 2L6.994
Lonicera periclymenum Serotina 2L6.994
Parthenocissus Quinquefolia 5L12.9916
Parthenocissus quinquefolia Engalmanii 2L9.9911
Parthenocissus tricuspidata Veitchii 2L9.994
Pyracantha Saphyr Yellow 3L11.992
Rhyncospermum Jasminoides (Star Jasmine) 9L 240cm47.9910
Rhyncospermum Jasminoides Star Jasmine 2L 90cm16.9950
Solanum Crispum Glasnevin Chilean Potato Tree 2L9.99100
Trachelospermum jasminoides Variegata 2L14.992
Wisteria brachybotrys Shiro Kapitan Fuji3L24.993
Wisteria brachybotrys Showa Beni 3L24.993
Wisteria brachybotrys Yokohama Fuji 3L24.993
Wisteria chinensis 3L24.993
Wisteria chinensis Prolific 3L24.993
Wisteria floribunda Black Dragon 3L24.993
Wisteria floribunda Royal Purple (Kokuryu) 3L24.991