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Stock list updated 10-06-24.

Please call us to check stock levels if you are visiting for a particular item, as these lists are not live updated, and some items may not yet be ready for sale. Thank you.
DescriptionPriceStock Qty
Alocasia Dragon Scale 2L Pot12.993
Alocasia Sarian 2L Pot12.994
Aloe Vera6.998
Bolcactus Mix 15 cm14.994
Cactus Mix 7cm2.491
Calathea Insignis 2L Pot12.995
Codiaeum Excellent 11cm Pot5.991
Codiaeum Excellent 2L Pot12.992
Coffea arabica 2L Pot12.996
Croton Sunny Star 12 cm4.991
Ctenanthe oppenheimiana 2L Pot12.993
Dracaena Charley 2L Pot12.999
Dracaena Deremensis White Stripe17.992
Echinocatus Grusonii 12 cm6.993
Hoya 2L Pot9.996
Hoya Kerrii Single 6 cm4.991
Monstera Adansonii 2L Pot12.997
Philodendron New Red 2L Pot12.999
Sansevieria Cylindrica Spaghetti4.995
Schefflera arboricola 2L Pot12.997
Spathiphyllum In Scale (Peace Lily) 23 cm24.991
Sundew Carniverous Plant Small3.999
Tradescantia Zebrina 1L3.994