Fruit, Vegetables & Herbs

Stock list updated 24-11-23.

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DescriptionPriceStock Qty
Apple (Malus) Ashmead's Kernel Bush M26 12L52.993
Apple (Malus) Ashmead's Kernel Espalier MM106 12L99.993
Apple (Malus) Ashmead's Kernel Fan-Trained MM106 12L99.993
Apple (Malus) Blenheim Orange Bush M26 12L52.996
Apple (Malus) Blenheim Orange Patio 11.5 L59.993
Apple (Malus) Bountiful Bush M26 12L52.997
Apple (Malus) Bountiful Patio M27L 11.5L59.992
Apple (Malus) Braeburn Bush M26 12L52.993
Apple (Malus) Braeburn Espalier MM106 12L99.993
Apple (Malus) Braeburn Patio M27 11.5L59.993
Apple (Malus) Bramley 20 Bush M26 12L52.993
Apple (Malus) Bramley 20 Patio M27 11.5L59.993
Apple (Malus) Bramley's Seedling Bush M26 12L52.992
Apple (Malus) Charles Ross Bush M26 12L52.991
Apple (Malus) Charles Ross Patio M27 11.5L59.992
Apple (Malus) Christmas Patio M27 11.5L61.992
Apple (Malus) Christmas Pippin Espalier MM106 12L99.992
Apple (Malus) Core Blimey Bush M26 12L54.992
Apple (Malus) Discovery Bush M26 12L52.991
Apple (Malus) Discovery NFT Run thru M927.993
Apple (Malus) Eden Bush 12L M2655.991
Apple (Malus) Egremont Russett Espalier MM106 12L99.992
Apple (Malus) Fiesta Bush M26 12L52.993
Apple (Malus) Fiesta Espalier MM106 12L99.991
Apple (Malus) Fiesta Patio M27 11.5L59.992
Apple (Malus) Honeycrisp Bush M26 12L52.992
Apple (Malus) Irish Peach Maiden MM10624.991
Apple (Malus) James Grieve Bush M26 12L52.992
Apple (Malus) Katy Maiden M116®24.991
Apple (Malus) Peasgood's Nonsuch Straight Lead M2532.992
Apple (Malus) Queen Cox S.F 18 Knip M9/Golden D27.991
Apple (Malus) Red Windsor Half-Standard MM106 12L60.992
Apple (Malus) Rosette™ Run thru M927.991
Apple (Malus) Scotch Dumpling Bush MM106 12L39.991
Apple (Malus) Scrumptious Patio M27 11.5L61.992
Blackberry (Rubus) Navaho Bush 3L12.991
Blackberry Thornfree 3L8.9910
Blackcurrant (Ribes) Ben Connan Bush 3L12.991
Blackcurrant (Ribes) Black n Red Premiere Bush 3L12.991
Blackcurrant Ben Lomond 3L8.998
Blueberry (Vaccinium) Bluecrop Bush 3L17.993
Blueberry (Vaccinium) Sunshine Blue Bush 3L17.991
Blueberry Bluecrop 3L7.9928
Blueberry Duke 3L7.998
Blueberry Top Hat 3L8.9910
Cherry (Prunus) Athos (Own Root) Patio 11.5L61.994
Cherry (Prunus) Burcombe Bush Colt 12L54.992
Cherry (Prunus) Celeste Patio Gisela 5 11.5L67.994
Cherry (Prunus) Felicita Patio Gisela 5 11.5L67.994
Cherry (Prunus) Kordia Knip Gisela 5®42.991
Cherry (Prunus) Lapins Cherokee Bush Colt 12L56.993
Cherry (Prunus) Pacific Red® Knip Gisela 5®42.992
Cherry (Prunus) Summer Sun Patio Gisela 5 11.5L65.994
Cherry (Prunus) Sweetheart® Half-Standard Colt 12L61.992
Cherry (Prunus) Sweetheart® Knip Gisela 6®42.991
Chives - Garlic 9cm1.992
Damson (Prunus) Farleigh Bush St. Julien A 12L59.992
Damson (Prunus) Merryweather Half-Stand. St. Julien A 12L61.991
Fennel Bronze 9cm Pot1.991
Ficus Carica Fig Tree 3l14.995
Fig (Ficus Carica) Brown Turkey 5L Mini Standard39.991
Fig (Ficus Carica) Little Miss Figgy 3L9.996
Fig (Ficus Carica) Noire de Caromb 5L Mini Standard39.992
Fig (Ficus) Brown Turkey 1/4 Standard 12L49.991
Gage (Prunus) Oullins Golden Bush St. Julien A 12L59.992
Gooseberry (Ribes) Hinnomaki Yellow Bush 3L12.991
Gooseberry (Ribes) Invicta Bush 3L12.994
Helichrysum angustifolium 1L (Curry Plant)3.998
Helichrysum italicum 1L (Curry Plant)3.9914
Helichrysum italicum 2L (Curry Plant)6.996
Laurus nobilis (Bay Tree) 5L 130-150cm26.991
Laurus Nobilis Ball Bay Tree 1/2 Standard 6L44.991
Laurus Nobilis Ball Bay Tree 1/2 Stem 30/3549.995
Lavender Alba 1 Litre3.991
Lavender Hidcote 1L3.992
Lavender Hidcote 8.5cm1.991
Lavender Munstead 1L3.9914
Lavender Vera 1L3.999
Marjoram Pot 9cm1.995
Olea Europaea Olive 1.5L Pot 50cm Stem16.991
Oregano Golden 1L3.997
Oregano Greek 9cm1.992
Pear (Pyrus) Beth Bush Quince A 12L54.991
Pear (Pyrus) Beth Patio Quince Eline 11.5L61.992
Pear (Pyrus) Brandy (Perry) Maiden Kirchensaller 10L27.992
Pear (Pyrus) Concorde Bush Quince A 12L54.991
Pear (Pyrus) Concorde Patio Quince Eline 11.5L61.992
Pear (Pyrus) Concorde/Confer ence/Comice Bush Quince A85.992
Pear (Pyrus) Conference/Comi ce/Williams Bush QuinceA 12L85.992
Pear (Pyrus) Hendre Huffcap (Perry) Maiden Kirchen. 10L27.994
Pear (Pyrus) Obelisk Bush Quince A 12L56.991
Pear (Pyrus) Sensation Half Standard 12L Quince A59.991
Pear (Pyrus) Sensation Interstem Quince Eline/LBJ32.992
Pear (Pyrus) Williams' Bon Chrétien Maiden Quince A27.991
Plum (Prunus) Ferbleur Maiden Wavit®37.992
Plum (Prunus) Guinevere Maiden Wavit®37.991
Plum (Prunus) Katinka Maiden Weiwa®37.991
Plum (Prunus) Victoria Bush St Julien A 12L59.995
Plum (Prunus) Victoria Maiden St. Julien A29.991
Plum (Prunus) Yellow Per- shore Bush St. Julien A 12L59.991
Plum (Prunus) Yellow Pershore Maiden St. Julien A29.991
Rhubarb Raspberry Red 3L11.994
Rhubarb Victoria 3 Litre11.999
Rosemary 1L3.493
Rosemary 2L4.992
Rosemary 3L7.991
Rosemary Officinalis 9cm 6 Pack8.995
Sage Purple 1L3.992
Sorrel - Red Veined 9cm1.991
Tarragon French 1L3.994
Thyme Common 1L3.991
Thyme Lemon 1L3.991
Thyme Silver Posie 1L Pot3.9910
Thymus Citriodorus 9cm E.B. Anderson1.9942
Vaccinium corymbosum (Blueberry) Bluecrop 2L9.997
Vaccinium corymbosum (Blueberry) Bluegold 2L9.998
Vaccinium corymbosum (Blueberry) Duke 2L9.998
Whitecurrant (Ribes) White Versailles Bush 3L12.991