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Tips for the month

Every month we offer tips and advice on how to keep your garden looking great.

March 2018

March is full of promise for the gardener, what you can do to help your garden wave goodbye to winter, and open the door to Spring...

  • Cut back hardy fuschias hard when new buds start to show, leaving about 15cm (6 inches) or so for new growth.
  • Encourage bees and butterflies to vist by pruning buddleja plants back to a couple of pairs of buds above the base.
  • Give your lawn a headstart on the weeds and moss with a spring feed.
  • Prune shrubs into shape to encourage new growth and abundant flowers.

Growing your own? Time to get busy!

  • As the soil warms up, broad beans and early carrots can be sown outdoors. A full range of seeds, clochés and insect screens are available in the shop.
  • First early potatoes can be planted now when the soil is frost free.
  • Tomato and courgette seeds can be started in a propagator on a window sill.
  • Beetroot seeds can be planted outside, clochés will help with germination.

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