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Tips for the month

Every month we offer tips and advice on how to keep your garden looking great.

November 2017

As November brings us ever closer to the cold of Winter, it's time to prepare the garden for the months ahead....

Rake leaves off the lawn, don't leave them too long on there, and use them as a mulch around the garden, on beds, pots, or the compost heap. The garden worms will do a grand job of digging them in for you. You can even make a temporary compost heap out of chicken wire and pile the leaves into that, they make the finest soil improver that money can't buy!

Cut back any perennials that don't leave an attractive skeleton, and again, compost the leaves and stems. Take care not to add seed heads to the compost heap though! Some of them can be left out as a natural food source for the birds.

Once the birds have enjoyed the last of the hips on your roses, they can be cut back a little along with any buddlejas, which gives some protection from those harsh winter winds. Wait until the sap starts rising to cut them back fully.

Don't forget to protect any tender plants, we are expecting another long cold winter, so mulches, fleece, or straw can be used to keep the frost away from the heart of delicate plants and shrubs.


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