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Tips for the month

Every month we offer tips and advice on how to keep your garden looking great.

September 2017

Now that Summer is starting to wave goodbye, the time has come to....

Repair the patchy lawn. An Autumn lawn food can be applied to give the grass roots a boost before winter, and oversowing with fresh grass seed helps to thicken up an areas where the grass is wearing thin. A hollow tine aerator can work wonders on compacted lawns.

Bindweed a problem? Now is the time to hit it hard with a Glyphosate based weedkiller, such as Roundup. The plant will be in its most vulnerable stage after putting its effort into flowering.

Time to plant the bulbs now for a dazzling show of colour in the spring. Whether it be snowdrops, daffodils, tulips or crocus, or even something more exotic, get them into the ground while it is still warm and workable. Nothing cheers us up after a long cold winter than a garden full of happy daffodils!

If you have enjoyed a good show of Geraniums or Fushcia this year and would like to plant the same variety next year, why not try your hand at taking cuttings? These easy to propagate plants will need some winter protection, but you will enjoy another colourful showing the next season at very little cost.

In the vegetable garden, lift any remaining Onions and dry them, and preferably in a different bed new Onion sets for overwintering can be sown, along with winter lettuce and spinach. New strawberry plants can be planted too ready for next year.

And most important of all, dont forget to enjoy what is left of the summer sunshine in the garden!

Until next month then...



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