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David Austin and Fine Roses

DescriptionGross Sale PriceStock Qty
Rose A Shropshire Lad Climbing19.998
Rose A Shropshire Lad SPECIMEN19.992
Rose Albertine (Rambler)19.999
Rose Falstaff Climbing19.999
Rose Golden Showers (Climbing)19.9910
Rose Bathsheba Climbing19.998
Rose Bathsheba Climbing SPECIMEN19.991
Rose Blush Noisette (Climbing)19.9910
Rose Boscobel SPECIMEN19.991
Rose Crown Princess Margareta Climbing SPECIMEN19.991
Rose Ena Harkness Climbing19.999
Rose Gertrude Jekyll Climbing19.995
Rose Golden Celebration Climbing19.998
Rose Graham Thomas Climbing19.999
Rose James Galway SPECIMEN19.991
Rose Jubilee Celebration SPECIMEN19.995
Rose Lady of Shalott Climbing19.9910
Rose Lady Salisbury SPECIMEN19.997
Rose Malvern Hills (Rambler)19.9910
Rose Mme. Alfred Carriere (Climbing)19.9910
Rose Unknown (David Austin)14.995
Rose Princess Anne Specimen19.992
Rose Scepter'D Isle SPECIMEN19.992
Rose Snow Goose (Rambler)19.9910
Rose St. Swithen Climbing SPECIMEN19.991
Rose Teasing Georgia19.993
Rose The Albrighton Rambler19.999
Rose The Alnwick Rose SPECIMEN19.991
Rose The Generous Gardener Climbing19.9910
Rose The Pilgrim Climbing19.999
Rose Wisley SPECIMEN19.993
Rose Veilchenblau19.9910
Rose Wedding Day (Rambler)19.9910
Rose Wollerton Old Hall Climbing19.9910
DescriptionGross Sale PriceStock Qty
Rose 'Absent Friends' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Absolutely Fabulous' 4.5L9.991
Rose 'Alfresco' SPECIMEN14.992
Rose 'Arthur Bell' Bush 4.5L9.995
Rose Ali Baba SPECIMEN14.991
Rose 'Beautiful Britain' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Birthday Wishes' 4.5L9.992
Rose 'Blessings' 4.5L9.993
Rose 'Blue For You' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Bride & Groom' 4.5L9.994
Rose 'For Your Eyes Only' 4.5L9.996
Rose 'For Your Eyes Only' SPECIMEN14.991
Rose 'Compassion' SPECIMEN14.992
Rose 'Congratulations' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Congratulations' SPECIMEN14.992
Rose 'Designer Sunset ' 4.5L9.991
Rose 'Diamond Wishes' 4.5L9.994
Rose 'Easy Does It' 4.5L9.996
Rose 'Ebb Tide' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Eyes For You' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Fascination' 4.5L9.993
Rose 'Flower Power' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'For You With Love' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Fragrant Cloud' 4.5L9.996
Rose 'Gaujard' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Genesis' 4.5L9.996
Rose 'Golden Wedding' 4.5L9.9914
Rose 'Golden Wedding' SPECIMEN14.991
Rose 'Golden Wishes' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Handel' SPECIMEN14.991
Rose 'Happy Anniversary' 4.5L9.996
Rose 'Happy Birthday' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Happy Ruby Wedding' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Hot Chocolate' 4.5L9.996
Rose 'Hot Chocolate' SPECIMEN14.991
Rose 'Iceberg' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Iceberg' SPECIMEN14.992
Rose 'Joie De Vivre' 4.5L9.996
Rose 'Just Joey' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Lady Marmalade' 4.5L9.996
Rose 'Lavendar Ice' 4.5L9.991
Rose 'Lavendar Ice' SPECIMEN14.991
Rose 'Loving Memory' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Lucky' 4.5L9.994
Rose 'Many Happy Returns' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Many Happy Returns' SPECIMEN14.991
Rose 'Moody Blue' 4.5L9.996
Rose Unknown (Nursery Fresh)9.994
Rose 'New Dawn' SPECIMEN14.993
Rose 'Nostalgia' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Oranges and Lemons' 4.5L9.994
Rose 'Peace' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Penny Lane' SPECIMEN14.991
Rose 'Peter Pan' 4.5L9.994
Rose 'Pink Perfection' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Pink Perpetue' 4.5L9.991
Rose 'Pink Perpetue' SPECIMEN14.991
Rose 'Polar Star' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Raspberry Royale' 4.5L9.996
Rose 'Remember Me' 4.5L9.994
Rose 'Remembrance' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Royal William' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Ruby Ruby' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Ruby Wedding' 4.5L9.9910
Rose 'Ruby Wishes' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Scarlet Patio' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Scentimental' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'School Girl' SPECIMEN14.998
Rose 'Silver Wedding' 4.5L9.9910
Rose 'Simply The Best' 4.5L9.993
Rose 'Special Anniversary' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Super Trooper' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Swan Lake' SPECIMEN14.998
Rose 'Sweet Dream' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Sweet Parfume de Provence' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Thank You' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Thank You' SPECIMEN14.991
Rose 'Thinking Of You' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Time To Live' 4.5L12.995
Rose 'Time To Live' SPECIMEN14.9913
Rose 'You're Beautiful' 4.5L9.995
Rose 'Zephrine Drouhin' SPECIMEN14.997