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Wildlife sightings

Date posted: 24 August 2017, 9:42am

 Our nursery is sat on the edge of Warwickshire's Green Belt.

Because of this we are lucky to be visited by a whole range of wildlife.

Here are the latest sightings, please get in touch if you have seen something nice or unusual at our centre, or if you are interested in trying to photograph any of the animals.

Kingfishers - Can often be seen sat on the pipes of our irrigation pond

White Egrets - Three of them have just started visiting our fields this year.

Stoat - There's a beauty that lives in the bamboo on our lawns, very hard to spot!

Weasel - Sometimes seen in the Quarry Garden, sat on the rocks like a Meercat!

Great Crested Newts - These guys love it here, and we have loads, but please ask before trying to find them.

Grass Snakes - Seen in the summer, basking in the sun in the quiet areas of our nursery

Green Woodpeckers - For years these have nested in the Quarry gardens

Birds of prey - A Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, and several Buzzards are always around, and quite often there is a Peregrine falcon winging it's way overhead.

Can you add to our list?


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