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My plants look dead after the winter, are they going to grow back?

 Plants which have been in my garden for many years have now turned brown/shrivelled up/dropped their leaves after the cold December at the end of 2010. Are they dead? Or will they grow back?

 December 2010 was the coldest month on record, with temperatures plumetting to -15°c in the Midlands area.

Many plants, which would withstand freezing temperatures in any "normal" winter have been very badly affected, especially those in pots. Worst hit seem to be the following;

Cordyline Palms, Phormiums, Ceanothus, Pittosporum and Olive Trees, along with many more.

Are they actually dead? At the time of writing (Feb 2011) it is a little too early to tell, but most of the Cordylines do indeed seem to be beyond hope. If there is no sign of movement or fresh green shoots anywhere on your plants by Mid-March, it might be time to think about replacing them.

For further advice, and for help in selecting plants that will be able to survive the colder winters, please call in to the nursery, and we will be pleased to help.


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